PlayStation Network Down Again, Restore Coming Soon

The PlayStation Network has experienced another outage today that began early this morning and is still ongoing at the moment. This certainly brings back bad memories of the last time the PSN went down, which lasted for over a month and involved plenty of compromised data. Luckily, this time it seems Sony has got it more under control.

Sony posted to its US and European Twitter accounts acknowledging that they are aware of the issue and are working on getting the platform restored. This quick response and communication is a nice improvement over the last time the network went down. The EU Twitter account has also been a bit more proactive in posting updates throughout the morning and has most recently posted the message below:

"Current indications are that we'll be restoring PlayStation Network services in approx. two hours. We appreciate your patience."

That was quick, considering the first posts acknowledging the outage started roughly 3 hours ago. Hopefully, that estimation pans out and this outage is just a small blip in operating a massive platform and doesn't turn into a replay of the overdrawn saga that Sony is surely hoping we all forget.

[via PlayStation Lifestyle]