PlayStation Network And Qriocity Services Questions And Answers

Sony's PlayStation Network breach saga continues, having left customers without PSN service for over a week and now with possibly compromised credit card information. Sony claims the credit card information is encrypted, but that doesn't stop claims that the hackers have gotten to it and already offering it up for sale. There are surely many many questions PSN users have for Sony, and in response they have posted a Q&A list yesterday and one more today.

The questions answered yesterday focused on the security concerns regarding customers' personal information and credit card data. Sony assured that they are working with law enforcement on the matter and insisted that all personal and credit card data was encrypted. However, they did note that although they have no current evidence to suggest that the encrypted credit card information was taken, they also cannot rule out the possibility.

The second batch of questions and answers posted today address some of the less threatening issues such as whether certain game data and history will be lost. On that front, Sony assures that no game trophies will be lost and that they will be re-synced when the network comes back on. Histories and friends lists also will remain intact. Sony is also evaluating a "goodwill gesture" for its PSN users to show its appreciation for their extraordinary patience.

For the full list of questions and answers, you can visit Q&A#1 and Q&A#2.

[via PlayStation Blog]