PlayStation Neo tipped to land this year to usher in 4K gaming

While Microsoft was only too happy to tease the E3 2016 crowd with its Project Scorpio console, noticeably missing from the showroom floor and news was the PlayStation Neo, a.k.a. the PlayStation 4.5. Even Nintendo name dropped its NX console in announcing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Fresh Air the Wild. Apparently, there is a reason for that. According to insider sources, Sony's "and a half" console might actually launch later this year, so Sony is merely reserving the PR for when that happens.

The PlayStation Neo is a strange, risky, yet also welcome move from Sony. Obviously, it is not a next gen console. In fact, Sony is putting checks in place to make sure that, game-wise, the Neo won't have drastic differences. Or at least ensure that developers support both the original PS4 as well as a "Neo" mode.

Of course, it will still be different in significant ways. Slightly beefier processor, pumped up graphics, and speedier RAM. But its most important upgrade, and one that will most likely be used as the major selling point, is the 4K output support. It might, however, also be the most questionable.

The TV market, of which Sony is a major player, has only been recently pushing 4K Ultra HD or UHD to buyers. But in a media world that's only now catching up with 2K content, there might not be enough ears to listen. Perhaps in an attempt to rope in more buyers from a different market segment, Sony is planning on preaching 4K in a use case where high quality visuals are of utmost importance: gaming.

That said, the quality benefits of gaming in 4K resolution would really only matter if you have a 4K capable screen, and those aren't exactly cheap. Only the most hardcore of gamers will probably have it or invest in one, further lessening the number of those potentially upgrading from a regular PS4. But 4K or not, those who have yet to purchase their first PS4 might want to hold off for a few more months if the PS Neo is indeed coming this year, probably even by September.

VIA: Eurogamer