PlayStation Move Official for $49.99

After all the speculation over the last few months, Sony's just announced the official release date of their motion-based accessories. Called PlayStation Move, it's Sony's gamble into the now exploding motion-controller universe, and they think they've got the best one (obviously). There's a few price points here, not just the $49.99 mentioned in the title, so jump in after the break to figure out what you'll be getting for the holiday season.

Sony's PlayStation Move will be hitting store shelves in Europe first, on September 15th. It will then be released to all the welcoming hands of PlayStation 3 owners out there on September 19th in North America. It will retail for $49.99, while the Navigation controller will be only $19.99. There's obviously going to be a bundle, where you'll get a PlayStation 3, controller, Move controller, and everything else you'll need in one box, called the Sports Champion Bundle. Yes, it comes with a game. That's going to run you a cool $399.99.

If you don't want to spend that much, you can pick up the Sports Champion bundle with just the EyeToy and Move controller for only $99.99 if you want, to go along with that PlayStation 3 you already own. PlayStation Move titles will be $39.99 on their own. And, just a note that we feel like we should mention, games like Heavy Rain, and Toy Story 3 are all going to get software updates that will make them Move compatible. So, who's getting one?