PlayStation Move Gets Unboxed, Features 8 Demos in Promotional Kit

Evan Selleck - Aug 11, 2010
PlayStation Move Gets Unboxed, Features 8 Demos in Promotional Kit

Sony’s PlayStation Move is just about ready to hit retail shelves, so it’s no surprise that promotional kits are starting to make their way to some testers out there in the wild. In this case, it looks like they managed to get the boxed units that will make their way to Europe later this year (minus one demo, interestingly enough). Inside the kit, Phil (who was lucky enough to get the promo kit) found two Move controllers, one demo disc, and one PlayStation Eye camera. The interesting bit comes on that demo disc, as well as the User Interface you see in the image below.

The demos are shown off in large boxes, making it easy to make your way from one title to another, and see in a clear image just what it is you’ll be getting with any particular section. It’s very similar to the “Now Playing” area of Sony’s XMB, which probably shouldn’t be a surprise, either. But, what’s most interesting, is that while the demo disc included in the kit had 8 different titles on it, all of which had been showcased at this year’s E3, you actually can’t play them directly from the disc.

Instead, you have to download them right onto your PlayStation 3’s hard drive. The titles are: Sports Champions, Kung Fu Rider, TV Superstars, The Shoot, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Beat Sketcher, Tumble, and Start the Party. No surprises in store here, but you will need somewhere around 8GB of storage on your hard drive available to play each title whenever you want. We’re curious to see if all demos will work like this, or if it was just the promotional kit.

[via Joystiq]

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