PlayStation livestream promises more on Resident Evil Village, FF7 Remake Intergrade

Yesterday, Square Enix announced a new Square Enix Presents event for next week that will cover a number of upcoming games from the company. We were surprised to see that there wasn't anything regarding Final Fantasy on the docket from the show, but now maybe we know why, as Sony will be covering one Final Fantasy game – Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – during an upcoming livestream of its own.

This new presentation will be coming at us from the folks at PlayStation Japan, and it's called "Play! Play! Play!" It'll be happening on March 21st at 8 PM JST/7 AM EST, so those of us here in the US are going to be getting up very early for this one. It seems that Play! Play! Play! won't exactly be a reveal event like we're used to, and instead, Sony will be having a sit down with the developers behind both Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Resident Evil Village – which are probably two of the most anticipated PlayStation titles for 2021.

On the Resident Evil Village side, we'll see appearances from director Morimasa Sato and Kayo Sato, while Takuya Nakamura and producer Yoshinori Kitase will be joining the show to talk about Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. We don't know what they'll be talking about, we just know that they'll be on hand to show off their games.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade was recently revealed as a PlayStation 5 upgrade for the original PlayStation 4 game. That's an important thing to keep in mind – this is not Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, but rather a next-gen update for Part 1. That said, it will have some new content, such as a new story mission featuring Yuffie. It'll also offer improved fidelity, though Square Enix has said that it won't be able to take advantage of all of the PlayStation 5's features.Resident Evil Village, on the hand, is a game that hardly needs an introduction. The highly anticipated follow-up to Resident Evil 7, we've seen a decent amount from Village at this point, and it's safe to say that RE fans are excited for the game. We'll be covering any big announcements regarding Resident Evil Village and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, so keep it here at SlashGear for more.