PlayStation Home to offer $25,000 in prizes in Midway 3 event

A brand new gaming space has just opened up in PlayStation home, and it brings with it the opportunity to win your share of $25,000 in prizes, most of which are, of course, Sony electronic devices. Nevertheless, you can't scoff at free stuff. And not only is PlayStation Home free, so are the new games that launch in the new Midway 3 space.

There are 10 new games in "The Midway 3" ranging from Pull My Finger to Penny Pincher and Puck It. The idea is to bring an old-school carnival feel to the virtual meeting space. Players earn tickets for playing through the various carnival games, and all eligible "players that enter the Midway are entered into the Cash Carnival sweepstakes, where you can win weekly prizes from Sony Electronics and even a grand prize of $15,000," according to Sony.

PlayStation Home has been the very definition of niche ever since it launched a few years ago. It manages to attract millions of PS3 owners on a monthly basis, but even more millions couldn't care less about it. Nevertheless, Sony has been strongly and forcefully updating it with new content, special themed areas, and a lot of virtual goods to deck out your own private space.

[via PlayStation Blog]