PlayStation Home Arcade arrives on PS Vita today

Eric Abent - Feb 5, 2013, 1:05pm CST
PlayStation Home Arcade arrives on PS Vita today

Sony has announced PS Vita users are getting PlayStation Home Arcade today, a new app for their portable gaming beast. PlayStation Home Arcade is basically what it sounds like – an app that allows you to buy and play classic arcade titles. There will also be a handful of newer titles on offer, and Sony is giving away some free games to celebrate the launch of PlayStation Home Arcade.

Normally, it seems like each title is going to be priced at $1.49. In celebrating the launch of PlayStation Home Arcade, Sony has made Icebreaker and WipEout 2D free, offering up a free demo of Scribble Shooter alongside those two titles. PlayStation Home Arcade is launching with more titles beyond those three though, so check out the full list below:

Icebreaker (Free)
WipEout 2D (Free)
Scribble Shooter (Demo available for Free) – $1.49
Frogger – $1.49
Time Pilot – $1.49
Asteroids – $1.49
Centipede – $1.49
Astrosmash Gen2 – $1.49
Shark! Shark! Gen2 – $1.49
Mad Blocker – $1.49

Sony says that if you have already purchased any of these games as an arcade cabinet within PlayStation Home, you’ll be able to download it for free within PlayStation Home Arcade. So, if you’ve already been using PlayStation Home to get your classic arcade kicks, you’ll have a bunch of games waiting for you on your PS Vita after today. The company has also released a launch trailer for PlayStation Home Arcade, so give it a look and see if it’s something you’re interested in.

The PlayStation Home Arcade app should be available for download now on the PlayStation Store. While it isn’t anywhere near as exciting as a new game announcement would have been, some PS Vita owners will definitely like the idea of taking old school arcade games with them on the go. Are you going to download PlayStation Home Arcade on your PS Vita?

[via PlayStation Blog]

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