PlayStation Communities app launches on Android and iOS

PlayStation Gamers who want to be able to keep up with their favorite communities while on the go can download the new PlayStation Communities app for iOS or Android devices right now. The app aims to make it a snap to keep up with your PS4 gaming friends when away from your console. Communities are meant to be places where gamers with similar interests and preferences gather.

Inside Communities players can join parties and launch into games with community members. Players can also chat and use the platform to find groups to take on raids and other gaming tasks. The app allows users to view community profiles, view lists of communities you are a member of and to see other users who are members of the community.

App users can also find and join new communities and the app gives recommendations for communities to join based on the games you play and highlights communities that are trending. The design for the app is meant to make it easy to post text and images on the community wall.

Push notifications are available so you can find posts and replies to posts you are interested in. Users can post text and images directly to the community wall for within the app as well. The app should be available now on Google Play or the App Store. The big news in the PlayStation world this month has certainly been the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro. You can read the first part of our PS4 Pro review for more details on that new console.

SOURCE: PlayStation