PlayStation Camera Allows Voice Commands On PlayStation 4

The console wars are set to heat up again with both Sony and Microsoft launching new game consoles this year. It remains to be seen which next-generation console wins the sales war with both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One set to launch later this year. Word has surfaced about a new PS4 feature that was previously unannounced.

Sony has now said that the PlayStation 4 will support voice commands using the PlayStation Camera integrated microphone. Sony says that the camera accessory "allows for voice recognition" and that it will be offering more details on the PlayStation 4 during the buildup to launch.

The first indication that voice commands were supported by the next generation PlayStation 4 console came from a video posted to YouTube, reportedly shot at the Gamestop Expo. One frame in the video clearly shows the PlayStation Camera along with the notation that the camera supports "navigational voice commands."

One of the biggest differences that we know so far between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One has to do with the camera accessories. All versions of the Xbox One will come with the Kinect while adding voice commands to the PlayStation 4 will require the purchase of the PlayStation Camera accessory.

SOURCE: The Verge