PlayStation App hits Android devices and it's not for gaming

With all the talk and rumors of a PlayStation phone coming there are a bunch of smartphone users out there that are really keen on playing PlayStation games on their smartphones. When the PlayStation Official Blog announced a new app coming to Android devices I bet a bunch of folks, were really excited and expected the app to be for gaming.

Sadly, there is no gaming involved with the official PlayStation App for Android devices. What you can do with the app is keep up the trophies that you and friends earn as well as the online status of your pals. The app will also allow you to browse the catalog for the PSP and PlayStation consoles as well as read news and announcements.

The app is integrated with Facebook and Twitter to allow you to share news you like and news can be shared via email as well. The app will hit the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands first. Apps supporting other countries will come later.

Via Android Community