PlayStation App gets a new look, voice chat, remote PS5 control

New consoles and new games for these new consoles are coming but those aren't the only fresh new things gamers have to look forward to. Console makers, both Sony and Xbox, have been updating their software platforms and apps in time for the upcoming gaming spree. Sony has just updated its mobile app for Android and iOS not just with a new look but with new powers that put all your PlayStation needs in a single place.

Contrary to stereotypes, gaming isn't a solitary activity, especially not in the age of the Internet. Even when playing alone at home, PlayStation gamers connect with friends, compete with other like-minded players, and even engage in a bit of banter. The new PS App becomes a one-stop-shop for all those social interactions, including the ability to have a voice chat with up to 15 other friends, right on your phone.

The PS App isn't just the place to keep up with your PS friends, it's also the place for keeping up with all the latest in the PS world. Whether it's PlayStation news, developer blogs, or even new games, the new app lets you do all that from the comfort of your phone. In fact, with the natively integrated PS Store, you can shop for games and download them to your PS4 or PS5 without even touching the console.

One of the biggest new features for this new app, however, is its control over the new PS5. Beyond just remote downloads, you can even remotely launch games on your PS5, perfect for Remote Play. You can even manage your console's storage if it's running out of space and you're not home to directly do it.

The new PlayStation app is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store but it does require you to have a PlayStation Network account to access its features. Sony also notes that the PS Messages app will no longer be a standalone app in light of the new app's messaging features and that all PS Messages messages will be carried over to the shiny new PS app.