PlayStation app now supports deletion of games from the PlayStation 5

Sony recently updated its PlayStation app with new features for owners of the PlayStation 5 game console. Sony had previously promised that it would add new features to the app specifically for the PlayStation 5 console, and some of those features have finally begun to land. The latest update for the PlayStation app is version 21.4, and it allows remote managing of storage on the PlayStation 5 console from within the app.

What that means is owners of the PlayStation 5 console can uninstall games they no longer play directly from the app. However, for the remote storage management work, the PlayStation does have to be left in rest mode instead of turned off completely. When the console receives a delete command from the app, it does turn itself on for a few minutes to complete the operation and then returns to rest mode.

Apparently some PlayStation 5 owners have been unable to see storage management in their app settings despite installing the update. Some have been able to fix this issue by re-linking the PlayStation 5 to the app. The full list of new features in the updated app includes:

  • Sort and filter in PS Store to help you find what you're looking for.
  • Compare trophies with friends.
  • Manage your PS5 storage anytime from settings.
  • Join multiplayer sessions on PS5 from game invites.
  • Share images, text, and URLs from other apps to friends on PS App.
  • Turn party notifications on/off.
  • This update also includes fixes and performance improvements.
  • The update will also allow players to join multiplayer sessions via game invites and compare trophies with friends. The app does allow users to turn off party notifications if they want.