PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale adds Hiehachi, Toro to roster

Mark Raby - Jul 7, 2012, 4:30pm CDT
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale adds Hiehachi, Toro to roster

The newest playable characters announced for Sony’s upcoming PS3 title PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale have been announced. Classic PlayStation fighting guy Hiechi, and the distinguished white cat Toro will join their Sony partners in the free-for-all brawling game later this year. All-Stars Battle Royale is due out on the PS3 and the PlayStation Vita.

“Making his first appearance on the PSX in 1995, Heihachi is one of only five characters to appear in every iteration of Tekken thereafter, brawling his way through 17 years of King of Iron Fist tournaments. Heihachi fans will feel right at home with this newest interpretation, Sony explained in a blog post. Toro, known as the Sony Cat, “brings a unique stance-based fighting style to PlayStation All-Stars, affording him several different sets of attacks to utilize in combat,” Sony said.

Super Smash Bros is a runaway success franchise for Nintendo. It would be crazy to think that anyone else could create such a fanatic following. After all, the mascots of Nintendo have more star power than any PlayStation or Xbox icon could have, simply because they have been around longer. Nevertheless, there is no disputing that PlayStation fanboys are more than ardent enough to make a Sony character fight fest a resounding success.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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