PlayStation 5 logo unveiled at CES 2020, nothing more

While Sony does have a lot to say at CES 2020, it is almost comically mum about its upcoming console. It might be reserving its big splash for a more opportune, gaming-centric event but it doesn't seem to have figured out how to hype it over a prolonged period of time. It did have one thing to say about the PlayStation 5, though, and that pretty much boils down to its official logo. It's better than nothing but, all things considering, its silence might be a bit worrying.

It's hard not to compare and contrast Sony's approach to that of Microsoft in preparing the gaming industry for their next big thing. While there is no shortage of leaks about both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, Microsoft seems to be game at drumming up the hype itself.

Neither the Xbox logo nor this newly-revealed PS5 logo has changed substantially but at least Xbox gamers have more to chew on when it comes to branding. Microsoft is planning to simply call its next console the "Xbox", a return to roots that leaves the door open for other models and series. The PS5 is just that, the 5th gen PlayStation.

Microsoft is also doing its part in riding the CES 2020 wave. In time for AMD's keynote, Xbox's Phil Spencer changed his Twitter profile to show the processor for the Xbox Series X, pointing to its 8K capabilities and Project Scarlett roots. Even AMD talked about the work it has done to power that console, even if it may have misled the Internet about the box's backside ports. Sony, so far, hasn't mirrored that marketing stunt, even if its PS5 will also be powered by an AMD chip.

If anything, Sony's almost silent reveal of the PS5 logo and its relative silence over teasers paints the picture of a more matured gaming platform. One that is more evolutionary, taking off directly from its predecessors, rather than the revolution that the Xbox Series X seems to suggest. Whether that will be enough to fend off its rivals in the months leading up to the PS5 launch is, however, somewhat questionable.