PS5 Live Stream video today: How to watch, and where

The Sony PlayStation 5 live reveal event was scheduled for Thursday, June 11, at 1PM Pacfic Time. This event will be a pre-taped broadcast – but broadcast for the first time "live" at 1PM Pacific Time. This event will be shown at 1080p and 30fps. This is significantly lower resolution and with a lower frame rate than the PlayStation 5 (PS5) itself is capable of displaying – "The games you'll see on Thursday will look even better when you play them on PS5 with a 4K TV, as you'd expect."

"It's also best if you watch while wearing headphones, if you can — there's some cool audio work in the show, and it might be harder to appreciate if it's pumped through your phone or laptop speakers," said Sid Shuman, Senior Director, SIE Content Communications (Sony). This event will show games – so very many games.

Earlier this year, Sony showed specs for the PlayStation 5, as well as the new Sony DualSense wireless controller for PS5. The June event was teased as a highly game-centric event. "This is part of our series of PS5 updates and, rest assured, after [this event], we will still have much to share with you," said Schuman.

This event will be broadcast in a YouTube stream (as shown here) and on Twitch. If you're watching on Twitch or YouTube you should be able to view the event on any platform on which either of those apps exists – in a browser window, in an app, or casted to your television.

NOTICE – this stream is an "age-restricted video (requested by uploader)" so you may need to make an adjustment to your app or stream or account if you've ever restricted your account in the past. Don't wait until the event is about to begin to make sure you're ready to roll. We'll be ready to kick off the collection of games here on SlashGear too – stick around for more details!