PlayStation 5 gets a YouTube TV app months after launch

PlayStation 5 owners who happen to be subscribed to YouTube TV will probably be happy to hear that a YouTube TV app has appeared on the console. While an app for YouTube proper has been available on the console since launch day, it's taken months for YouTube TV to head to PlayStation 5. Of course, there probably aren't a ton of YouTube TV subscribers who have a PlayStation 5 at the moment, given the rarity of the console.

Indeed, the PlayStation 5 is still ridiculously hard to find, with stock still selling out immediately whenever and wherever it happens to be listed. We probably aren't going to see those stock issues ease for quite some time either, as there's a global semiconductor shortage contributing to the lack of consoles.

Still, if you've managed to get a PS5 for yourself, you can now stream YouTube TV on it. We probably wouldn't expect any vast differences between the PlayStation 5 implementation of YouTube TV and the way it's implemented elsewhere, but if nothing else, this launch can help bring PS5 owners one step closer to making the console their all-in-one media and gaming box.

YouTube TV has been going through some big changes over the past year. Last summer, YouTube TV hiked its monthly price once more, bringing it from $50 per month to a whopping $65 per month. Later on in the year, YouTube TV lost the rights to sports channels owned by Sinclair after negotiations stalled, most notably losing the wide selection of FOX Sports regional channels. Just last week, a spat between YouTube and Roku saw the YouTube TV app leave Roku devices entirely.

At least another platform is gaining YouTube TV as Roku loses it, but that's probably not very comforting for Roku users who were caught in the middle of Roku and Google's disagreement. In any case, those of you with a PlayStation 5 will find the YouTube TV app in the PlayStation Store beginning today.