PlayStation 4 was bestselling console in US in January

Earlier today, NPD Group published its findings for last month, and in them both Sony and Microsoft found reasons to brag: Microsoft for seeing the most game sales among competing consoles, and Sony for its PlayStation 4 being the bestselling in hardware, trumping the Xbox One.

Sony bragged about the designation on Twitter today, firing off a tweet proclaiming its console's top slot in the US market. It's a solid way for the maker to kick off 2014, and follows along with Sony's strong sales since launching the console late last year.

While Microsoft claims highest software sales, it should be noted that doing so involves accounting for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 sales — when only Xbox One sales are tallied, the PlayStation 4 trumps Microsoft's console on all of the top bestselling titles, with the exception of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Lego Marvel Super Heroes. For more information about the console, check out our hands on video above, then hit up our full PlayStation 4 review.

Said Sony spokesperson Guy Longworth in a statement to VentureBeat: "It's clear gamers are choosing PlayStation as the best place to play, with PS4 software sales ranking No. 1 in January, highlighted by strong sales of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, which sold twice as many units on PS4 than any other platform."

SOURCE: VentureBeat