PlayStation 4 owners just got a Cuphead surprise

PlayStation 4 owners got a nice surprise today, as Studio MDHR announced that Cuphead, its run and gun indie darling, is coming to the platform. This announcement has been a long time coming, as Cuphead is about to turn three years old. First released on Xbox One and Windows back in September 2017, the game launched on Mac in 2018 and then Switch and even Tesla cars last year. Now, it's the PlayStation 4's turn.

Even better news is the fact that there's no delay between announcement and release, as Cuphead is going live on PlayStation 4 today. The PlayStation 4 version was announced during a Summer Game Fest broadcast from Geoff Keighley, in which in he interviewed Studio MDHR COO Maja Moldenhauer. That interview is embedded below, along with a stop motion launch trailer for Cuphead on PlayStation 4.

It wasn't all good news for Cuphead fans, though, as Moldenhauer also confirmed that Cuphead's upcoming DLC, The Delicious Last Course, is taking longer than the studio originally expected. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic had something to do with that, and Moldenhauer wasn't able to give a release date for the DLC add-on.

When The Delicious Last Course does eventually launch, Moldenhauer confirmed that it will be landing on all platforms at the same time – that means PlayStation 4 as well. So, at the very least, it's nice that certain players won't have to wait for The Delicious Last Course while others get it on day one.

All in all, it's a pretty big day for Cuphead, as this PlayStation 4 launch means that the game is now on all current platforms after being an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive at one point in its life. PlayStation 4 owners who want to get in on the action can find Cuphead on the PlayStation Store today for $19.99.