PlayStation 4 graphics outlined with The Dark Sorcerer video demo

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 10, 2013, 9:42pm CDT
PlayStation 4 graphics outlined with The Dark Sorcerer video demo

Sony has been rolling out the video game previews this evening, with one in particular aiming to show off both the console’s excellent graphics and, by proxy, the detailed, realistic expressions that can be shown through it. The Dark Sorcerer trailer is a couple minutes long, and starts out a tad stereotypical, only to devolve into a pretty funny comedy, all the while zooming in on all the details the PlayStation 4’s graphics can offer.

The trailer was introduce by Worldwide Studios head Shu Yoshida, who commented briefly on the importance of expressions in videos games, and the PS4’s ability to offer them. Expressions, he says, are an important way for gamers to connect with the game. And expressions The Dark Sorcerer certainly has, running the gamut from angry and passionate to confused, befuddled, and a tad annoyed.

The trailer kicks off with a menacing voice-over, a look at the various angles of a sorcerer and the dark magic he’s whipping up, only for the sorcerer to flub things up and call the filming to a stop. He’s asked by a goblin-esque creature if it is his first time in a video game. Things devolve from there into silly questions and bits of humor.

The teaser trailer was from Quantic Dream, and nothing was revealed about it, save for the commentary on how well it showcases the PS4’s graphics. We’ll find out more about it tomorrow when Sony’s details it at its E3 booth, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated.

The video above is only a couple minutes long, but we’ll likewise get a look at the full 12-minute long tech demo of it prepared by Quantic Dream tomorrow when more details are revealed. When you watch it, be sure to bump the video settings up for full HD, otherwise you’ll be missing out on all the minute-detail graphic goodness.

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