PlayStation 4 gets icy makeover in Japan until July 16

JC Torres - Jul 11, 2014
PlayStation 4 gets icy makeover in Japan until July 16

If you thought that gaming consoles are just for the males of the species or that certain animated films are only for the young ones, perhaps it’s time drag yourself to the 21st century. As if trying to say that gaming, and some films, are for every person of any age or gender, Sony is selling a limited edition PlayStation 4 console in Japan that has undeniable markings of the Disney 3D animated hit Frozen.

So what’s so different about this limited edition PlayStation 4? Only the fact that you get the likeness of “Snow Queen” Elsa and feisty younger sister Ana laser engraved on the HDD bay cover. Oh, and you get a few snowflakes engraved on there as well. Well, that’s basically it.


Aside from that, you get a standard jet black PlayStation 4 with 500 GB of storage. The package also comes with a DUALSHOCK 4 controller, monoaural headset, power cord, HDMI cable, and USB cable. The price for this package? 42,980 yen, or roughly $425 stateside. And, as a limited edition offer, it is only available until July 16.

This promo is apparently to celebrate the launch of the Blu-ray+DVD copies of the film that has garnered awards, praise, and never-ending reprises on YouTube. Ironically, this limited edition PlayStation 4 doesn’t actually come with a copy of the film itself.



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