Playboy shows off orbiting space club concept

Playboy has unveiled a concept for an orbiting Playboy Club that looks cool, but is very unlikely to happen in this lifetime. I can only imagine how expensive it would be to build an orbiting dance club like this concept. Playboy dreamed up the concept with participation from Virgin Galactic, and the full details and photos of the space station concept will be in the March issue of Playboy magazine.

The concept station features a dance club in zero gravity along with a casino. The station casino has a wild "human roulette" game that sounds very interesting. Other amenities of the concept include a fine dining restaurant, and the whole station is envisioned as a sort of orbiting cruise ship. With seats on Virgin Galactic flights going for $200,000 each, I can only imagine how expensive a room on this orbiting cruise ship would cost if it ever came to reality.

The station would spin to provide artificial gravity in the outer wheel area, and the restaurant would be in that spinning section so people can eat without having to float around chasing food. In the zero gravity, club drinks would be served to the people dancing by Playboy bunnies wearing jet packs. That sounds rather like a teenage space fantasy.

[via Livescience]