Play Store app update rolling out with activity page, more social recommendations

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 10, 2013, 6:41pm CST
Play Store app update rolling out with activity page, more social recommendations

The world is a social place, and the digital variety is no exception. Keeping pace with this, Google has announced a new update to the Play Store app that brings with it a couple different social elements achieved with Google Plus integration. The update is rolling out now, but will continue to do so for the next couple days, so those who aren’t seeing it yet might have to wait a bit longer.

For those who have a Google Plus profile, this app update will bring about a personal activity page in the Play Store. As you might imagine, such a page will contain various elements of your personal interaction with relevant content, such as apps and such that you have reviewed, endorsed on Google Plus, and rated. The activity page is available for perusal by tapping one’s profile picture.

Of course, this allows you to scope out other users’ activity just as well as someone else can scope yours, and overall makes it a bit easier to check out what your friends and assorted family members like and are up to on their Android devices. Beyond this, there will also be an increase in recommendations once the app update rolls your way, and you’ll begin noticing more content delivered up via recommendations from family and friends.

The screenshots above give you an idea of what to expect, if you’re one of the unlucky individuals who is still waiting to get the update. One could guess this would also lead to some apps getting more exposure, since one might be more inclined to try something a trusted friend has already given a thumbs up, as well as other content, like ebooks, which make an appearance on the recommendations list as well.

SOURCE: Google+

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