Play rock, paper, scissors with augmented reality t-shirt

Since the dawning of the modern world, man has settled arguments with the age-old standard — rock, paper, scissors. We all know the game and more than one pal at the bar has been stuck paying for beer after losing a match. The wearable magazine has unveiled an augmented reality shirt that will play rock, paper, scissors with you.

If you aren't familiar with T-post, the wearable magazine is a subscription service like a real magazine but instead of glossy paper in the mail every 6-weeks you get a new t-shirt. On the back of the shirt is an odd news story and the front gets some sort of artwork.

The latest shirt is pretty darn cool with a front printed in various rocks, chunks of paper, and different scissors. When you wear the shirt in front of a computer with a webcam an arm pops out of the shirt and plays rock, paper, scissors against you. This may be the perfect way for the geek with a personality disorder to settle arguments with themselves.