Plastic Logic unveils 42-inch flexible plastic signage prototype

Technology in the display market is evolving all the time. One of the most interesting technologies in the market are flexible displays that allow the creation of curved signage. Those flexible displays could also eventually find their way into the smartphones and other devices that we all know and love allowing for new form factors. Plastic Logic and TOPPAN have announced they are unveiling the world's first 42-inch flexible digital signage prototype Japan.

The 42-inch flexible display is the first large-area flexible digital signage prototype uses the Plastic Logic flexible plastic display. The digital sign is constructed of 16 of the 10.7-inch Plastic Logic monochrome flexible plastic displays. The 16 screens have been tiled together in a 4 x 4 configuration creating a 42-inch diagonal display.

The pixel pitch for the 42-inch display is 0.7 mm giving it a resolution approximately 6 times higher than existing EPD signage. A high-resolution makes the display suitable for close viewing distance applications. One of the most interesting aspects of this display is that it has bi-stability.

That means that the image on screen remains even when the power to the screen is turned off. That feature makes the plastic display similar to the E-ink displays used in some digital readers. Another beneficial feature of the screens is the fact they can be read in any lighting condition, including bright sunlight and they can be viewed from just about any angle. The display is also less than 3 mm thick and very lightweight.

[via Plastic Logic]