Plastic iPhone appears again in video: a bit too unreal?

Once again we're being treated to an up-close look at the iPhone "budget" model that's being rumored for release later this year, this time in video form. This machine is said to succeed the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, pushing the entire line of iPhone devices to the 4-inch panel size to keep things standard while the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S keep things premium. So what's holding us back from believing in this lovely preview?

Have a peek at this machine and see what's missing. It's not this one indicator – the complete lack of any certification information – that would stop us from believing it's real. On the contrary: a release of a device this early in its production would indeed be bringing it out without said information.

But for a device that has this information printed on itself in final form, it simply does not make sense for this model to exist. If this device were created by Apple, printed information on its back and all, they'd also include some dummy info. A model like this is – if it ever sees the light of day – made to help its original designers to see that it's ready for production.

If it doesn't include the full final form, it's essentially useless – unless it's only made for case-makers. That, on the other hand, makes this model rather helpful. But here's the kicker: Apple doesn't send models like this out to case-makers, they send out schematics. If Apple changed their mind and decided to start sending mock-up devices to case-makers before the device is released, there'd be no end to the leaks.

Then again, judging by the amount of leaks that have appeared with this plastic beast so far, we could be seeing that very thing happen here before the next generation appears.

VIA: NYSEBulletin