Plasma TVs can last 42 years

Brenda Barron - Aug 15, 2008
Plasma TVs can last 42 years

One concern many people have about plasma TVs is their relatively short lifespan. And until recently, it was commonly thought that you’d only get a few years out of your plasma screen before it was destined for the junk bin. But now it seems you could hang onto that flat-panel a good while longer.

Unless you watch your TV all day, everyday, you’re looking at a around 42 years worth of normal use, according to Panasonic. “Normal” use is about six and a half hours worth of viewing a day. That’s a significant increase from the previous notion that plasmas can only last “a few years.”

That being said, I highly doubt a 2008 TV will be in tip-top shape in 2052. You might still have a picture, but I’d imagine other parts would suffer wear and tear.

[via Gearlog]

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