Plant-based Impossible Burger just hit shelves at another big retailer

Impossible Foods has been aggressively expanding the availability of its Impossible Burger, a plant-based ground beef alternative that offers a faithful imitation of actual meat. Just days after the product arrived nationwide at Walmart stores, the plant-based food company has returned with another announcement: consumers can now get this burger product at around 1,200 Publix grocery stores.

Consumers are more interested than ever in plant-based food products. What was once considered the inferior alternative forced upon those with certain health conditions, this type of food product is now viewed as a healthier, more sustainable alternative to traditional meat and other animal products. Past research has demonstrated that many consumers would be interested in trying a plant-based meat alternative if given the opportunity.

Impossible Foods is arguably the best-known company of its kind; its Impossible Burger caught public attention due to its ability to 'bleed,' something that obviously doesn't involve actual blood. In less than six months, Impossible Foods has rapidly expanded the availability of its Impossible Burger, launching the 12-ounce package of the unformed ground food at a number of retailers.

The food initially rolled out at grocery store retailers that served specific geographic regions, but has since arrived nationwide — the most notable availability being at Walmart. In its latest announcement, Impossible Foods revealed that it is once again targeting a specific geographic region with its latest expansion.

The 12-ounce packages of Impossible Burger ground plant-based meat alternative can now be purchased at around 1,200 Publix retail stores, which are located in the Southeastern United States — mostly in Florida and Georgia. This underscores Impossible Foods' rapid deployment of its product, which has seen its availability spike from around 150 grocery stores back in March to around 9,200 stores in the US as of early August.