Planet X and this April's apocalypse: Great sci-fi potential

Today we're going to discuss why the theory of a Planet X apocalypse is both ridiculous and an awesome idea for a sci-fi movie. The most recent call for the end of life on our planet comes from one madman who's out to sell a lot of books. And his name is not L. Ron Hubbard. This prediction begins with Planet X, otherwise known as Nibiru, which no telescope nor any other instrument of science has ever been able to detect before.

Who said what now?

We wanted to check the quality of the man behind the latest story we've investigated here, first and foremost. If you head on over to the website of the "Bible Prophecy" specialist David Meade, you'll need not look any further. You'll find his website at Writers Web Services dot com, a website URL which has no sensible connection to its contents. Look upon this glorious splattering of multicolored texts and exclamation marks!

Note, as I did, the random interchanging of perspectives. Is it him, is it his assistant, is it his biggest fan? Who can tell? What's important here is that the website is jam-packed full of information on the end of the world, the greatness of David Meade, and ways in which anyone can purchase a book about the end of the world from David Meade.

Meade's been in the news before, not least of all because he's a serial predictor of our species' end-times. Meade's latest blog entry includes word that his Bible Prophesy is "a process of elimination," which means he can be wrong because that's just part of his thing. You know? He has a process.

While Meade is processing, he makes certain to mention that he's been interviewed by very important people. On 9/17/2017, Meade appeared on the Glenn Beck radio show.

Mead did not necessarily get invited because Beck believed in his credibility. "David Meade is here to set the record straight on his theory that the apocalypse starts this Saturday," said the description of the radio interview from 9/21/2017. Fast forward to today, April 12th, 2018, and the shock headline rag "Express UK" published a news blip on how the end of the world was coming – again.

The paper called Meade the "main expert" behind the latest rapture prediction with Planet X. The paper also called Meade a "Christian conspiracy theorist" to drive the point home.

Meade's prediction is that our moon, Jupiter, and our sun will be "in Virgo" (the constellation, from our perspective), which will bring about the apocalypse. As Space dot com writer Elizabeth Howell pointed out this afternoon, there's a bit of a problem with this part of the prediction. Jupiter, the sun, and our moon are currently nowhere near Virgo, and they most certainly won't be "in Virgo" on the 23rd of April.

Now for the fun part

What's supposed to happen with this Rapture business? Once again I need to make certain it's understood that everything inside the realm of theory here is completely and utterly absurd. From here on out, it's all about science fiction – in its most disastrous form! All the junk below comes from Meade's blog or one of his linked... text... email things. It'd difficult to tell where one source ends and another begins here, really.

There's supposed to be a planet by the name of Nibiru that will, apparently, come hurtling toward our Earth on the 23rd of April. When that planet comes close enough to Earth, there'll be all sorts of decimation. The gravity of this Nibiru, aka PLANET X, will begin to pull our planet in a way which will throw the northern hemisphere into total darkness for three days!

The internet will fail as satellites are pulled from orbit. Oceanic cables will be destroyed, and human communication will crumble! A whole lot of madness across all nations is expected, and it'll all happen far too quickly to prepare for! Some of the more awesome bits of history that've apparently been caused by Planet X flybys of the past.

What has Planet X caused in our Earth's history:

• Niagara Falls gorge!

• Northern Canadian lakes!

• The Andes mountain range!

• The Shang Dynasty's abrupt end!

• The disappearance of Atlantis!

• The vanishing of the continent surrounding Easter Island!

Why we haven't seen Planet X yet:

• It's 4x Earth's size, but NASA is covering it up!

• Somebody has photos, but they were killed!

• All the books about it were burned by Hitler!*

• It's in the sun's glare!

* Literally written on Meade's blog linked above.

In summation, on the 23rd of April we will... probably not be seeing another planet flying by ours in an apocalyptic-type event. But If we DO, maybe we can hope for a new mountain range popping up in a non-horrifying location? Cross your fingers California doesn't fall into the ocean just yet.