Planar ultra-high resolution wall display has 5760 x 2160 resolution

I know this Planar MegaPixel Wall is designed for corporate and military type use, but I really, really want this thing on the wall in my media room. The giant video wall is available in several sizes including the 100-inch Clarity mp100 and a 146-inch Clarity mp150.

That mp100 wall has enough space to show an 8MP image and the larger 146-inch offer can show a 12MP image. The video wall is a single massive screen and is about 18-inches thick. The cool thing about this compared to the video walls we have seen before is that the use of a single massive screen means no seams in the image.

The downside will mean that the price for the Clarity MegaPixel wall is high too. The screen resolution for the 100-inch version is 3840 x 2160 and the 146-inch version is 5760 x 2160. Check out the video below to see the screen in action.