Planar shows off 32-inch LookThru Display Box

The 32-inch box that you see here could be the future of advertising in stores. Rather than having to learn about new features of products using an annoying salesman or a poster, you can see the actual product. The transparent display on the front of this box will point out appropriate features for you to check out. The box can be used for anything they can fit inside.

The display on the front the box measures 32-inches and is likely the also find its way into museums and other exhibits. The display is a transparent active-matrix unit on the front of the metal enclosure that uses Planar's Extended Ruggedness and Optics technology to provide a tough, touch compatible surface. The display also has technology to enhance the transparency and image contrast along with enriching colors.

There's no word on pricing for these boxes, but I hope we see them turning up in malls around the country soon because this is very cool. If the display shows you more details about specific features when you touch a location on the screen this may be the best thing that happened the product marketing in stores in a long time.