Pizza Hut DJ box puts two turn tables and conductive ink inside your pizza box

The fast food world is full of gimmicks to lure people into their restaurants to buy food. McDonalds is likely the most infamous for this practice with lots of toys packed inside Happy Meal bags and boxes to make kids want to eat their food. Pizza Hutt has a new box that it puts its pie into that has something special left behind for you to play with after you eat.

The box has a playable DJ setup inside that can be linked to your computer and your favorite DJ software. From what we can tell, the box may only be available in the UK, which is a bummer for those of us in the US that might want some pizza and a jam session. The UK arm of Pizza Hutt worked with artist P Money and Rinse FM to design the pizza box.

The box has conductive ink printed into a bespoke circuit board. That circuitry was designed by an electronics company called Novalia. The printed circuits are modeled to look like a modern DJ setup with a pair of turntables, cross fader, pitch control, cue buttons, and the ability to sync music.

The printed device can recognize taps, long presses, and finger swipes. The works is battery powered and the box comes with the battery installed. To get the party started, all the user needs to do is assign a MIDI function to each of the controls via their favorite DJ software. Pizza Hutt says the box works with a wide range of software, including Serato software. The box is available in select UK locations right now. The video below shows the box in action. I wonder how gross it will be to play this thing after it has cheese and grease all over it from your pizza.