PixelMags demos BlackBerry 10 magazine app

Aside from general functionality and gaming, RIM also showed off some other aspects of BlackBerry 10, notable magazine functionality. PixelMags took to the stage to talk about its mobile app that it would be creating for Blackberry 10. On top of that, every BlackBerry 10 user will receive 10 minutes of free reading per month. After that, you'll need to fork over some cash.

They did demo an early version of the app running on the BB10 Dev Alpha device. The interface seemed simple enough, with "Featured" and "New Arrival" magazines to choose from, along with the different categories such as Lifestyle, Entertainment, Women, etc. The interface otherwise looks similar to what you've seen on reading apps with other smartphone platforms, scrollable interface and all. Not surprising, considering PixelMags has worked with iOS and Android in the past.

A pull down panel reveals how much free reading time you have left, but fear not: there's an option for unlimited reading if you really like to scour the magazines. There will also be an offline mode available for those long flights without internet access. It seems then that RIM wants to hit all the right notes with its new platform, leaving no stone unturned in the bid to bring developers onboard.