Pixel Stand 2nd Gen leak leaves no stone unturned

The Pixel 6 is just a week or so away, but it might not be the only new Pixel-branded device that's coming on the 19th. It has been three years since Google added wireless charging to the Pixel phone line, and it has been just as long since it launched its first wireless charging stand. In the spirit of making everything new, Google is set to launch a new Pixel Stand, one that not only bumps up the charging speed but also throws in a few new features for owners of Pixel products.

Despite the prevalence of wireless charging even back in 2016, Google wasn't quick to jump on that bandwagon, at least not until Apple finally embraced the technology on the 2017 iPhone X. When it did launch the Pixel Stand, however, it also introduced an exclusive experience for Pixel phones that turned it into a makeshift smart display.

Based on two images that M. Brandon Lee got hold of, the next Pixel Stand will see a few upgrades, the biggest of which is the 23W fast wireless charging speed. While that still lags behind some of the latest trends in the mobile industry, it's a lot more than what the 10W Pixel Stand has been using for the past three years.

To support that faster speed, the 2nd Gen Pixel Stand will have an active cooling fan inside, something missing from the 2018 original. There are still two wireless charging coils at the top and bottom of the surface, but this year Google is advertising one of those for use with a wearable, particularly the Pixel Buds. Whether that's a hint at an upcoming Pixel Watch is anyone's guess at this point.

The leak even includes the $79.99 price tag for the 2021 Pixel Stand, which is exactly the same as its predecessor. This year, however, the grayish Fog color will be joined by "Rock Candy," though we still have to see what that will look like. The Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) is most likely to launch alongside the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on October 19th.