Pixel Qi developing sub-10W $100 HDTV

Pixel Qi have announced that not only are they beginning mass production of their innovative display technology this coming December, but that they've a new product category in their sights.  The company has apparently begun to design a new HDTV with power consumption so low that it can be run from a solar panel, hand-crank or simply a small rechargeable battery.  Pixel Qi's target price for the ultra-frugal set is just $100.

The audience for such an HDTV would be the many millions of households which don't have access to stable electrical power.  Current high-definition televisions generally require high wattages – certainly in excess of 100W – whereas the Pixel Qi set will be sub-10W.

No launch date for the HDTV project has been given, nor indication of what sort of panel size eventual owners can expect.  Pixel Qi's screen technology works like epaper in bright, direct sunlight, proving three times as readable as a regular LCD panel, but still supports color and video.

[via Blogeee]