Pixel Qi and Shizhu Technology team for tablet project

Pixel Qi Corp and Shanghai Shizhu Technology have teamed up to work together on tablets in China. Pixel Qi makes a line of very nice sunlight readable screens for portable devices. Shizhu is a company that makes tablets and multimedia devices. The two firms will work together on a family of tablets. The family is said to have four products.

The four tablets coming from the partnership will all be aimed at the growing eReader market in China. The Pixel Qi screen will be tied into tablet designs that will have slim and light bodies with extended battery life and multimedia capability. Shizu has an extended partnership with Southern Media Group that produces papers that reach millions of subscribers each day, presumably that content will be offered on the tablets.

The content produced ranges from news to gossip and more. The screens used will support full color photos and video while allowing the backlight to be turned off to extend battery life and for better reading in sunlight. Pixel Qi makes screens for tablets in sizes from 7-inch to 10.1-inch. There is no indication of what screens will be used.