Pixel Qi 3qi display mass production soon; wide-angle version in fall

Pixel Qi has given an update on the status of their low-power displays, and the biggest news is that they're finally ramping up to mass production.  According to project lead Mary Lou Jepsen, several manufacturers are involved in producing the panels, and there is "strong demand" from multiple unnamed "higher volume customers".  Meanwhile new versions of the multi-mode screens are also in the pipeline.

One of these changes is a new, wider viewing angle which Pixel Qi say they now have working and will put into high volume production as soon as the coming fall.  Meanwhile touchscreen integration is also being explored, with various solutions being tested; one such system, projected capacitance, is already on sale.

Finally the DIY Pixel Qi project – which will see smaller screen orders being made available for individuals and low-volume projects – will apparently see a partner announcement soon.  We're still waiting to hear who, exactly, will be using the displays beyond Notion Ink's Adam and future OLPC devices.