Pixel Buds A leak hints at more affordable Google wireless earbuds

It seems Google is gearing up to launch a new pair of true wireless earbuds called the 'Pixel Buds A,' at least according to a new leak. The report claims that the Pixel Buds A will arrive with two entirely new color options and that the model will be visually distinguished from the non-A models with some subtle adjustments to the overall color scheme.

The leak comes from 9to5Google, which reports that the Pixel Buds A will be offered in white and dark green. The earbuds and case are said to have essentially the same design as the already launched Pixel Buds offering, but will eliminate the black plastic found in the case interior and on the ear tips.

Instead, the black elements will be the same color as the earbuds and exterior case for an all-white or all-dark green color scheme. Beyond that, the report claims users will still get access to touch controls for Google Assistant and controlling media.

The Pixel Buds A name indicates that the new earbuds may be a more affordable version of the Pixel Buds, using the 'a' designation in the same way as the Pixel 4 vs. the Pixel 4a. However, there's no clear price for the model at this time and it's hard to say what Google has planned.

The report notes that some documents hinting at a Google true wireless earbuds product recently appeared at the FCC. Assuming that listing pertains to the Pixel Buds A model listed in the leak, it may be possible we'll see Google officially launch the product sometime this summer.