Pixel Buds A feature drop includes a manual update option

Unlike their simpler wired predecessors, wireless earbuds aren't static accessories that you buy with a fixed set of features. At times, they aren't even "perfect" when they launch, instead leaving plenty of room for improvements or new features. Like many smart devices today, Bluetooth earbuds can be updated to add those missing experiences, and Google is rolling out one such feature drop for its mid-range Pixel Buds A series, as well as a somewhat hidden feature that could make the update process a bit easier.

Google announced an update to its Pixel Buds A-series earbuds on the same day as its big Feature Drop for Pixel phones. Whether this is going to be a new thing or a one-off coincidence still isn't known. At least for the time being, however, Pixel Buds A owners can rest easy knowing they haven't been forgotten.

The changelog for firmware 282 highlights three specific changes coming to the earbuds. Users will now have finer control over the bass levels they hear, presuming they've paired the buds with a phone running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. There's also a new loudness compensation toggle that will try to improve bass and treble when the volume is too low.

Last but not least, the Pixel Buds A will be smarter when trying to connect to paired devices, falling back to the second to last connected device if the last one isn't reachable.

New update process leaks

Updating Bluetooth earbuds' firmware hasn't exactly been the easiest, mind. The process often requires waiting for the update to hit, as well as making sure the earbuds are connected and ready for it. Google may be working on simplifying a part of this process, however, though the leak isn't official just yet.

According to Android Police, some users have seen a new option in the Pixel Buds A's settings page for manually triggering the update process. However, the actual availability of this update varies from market to market, plus it is a server-side change that users can't control. The manual option still beats having to wait for the stars to align, though.

Users who don't have the manual option yet will have to make sure their settings are in proper order, including granting the Pixel Buds app permission to find nearby devices. Google notes that Android 12 users specifically have to grant this permission since it's a new one for that version of the mobile OS.