Pixel 6 Video Ad Hypes How The Phone Makes Things Personal

The Pixel 6 has already been leaked repeatedly but, unlike its predecessors, there are still some open questions that will still make its debut something to look forward to. Of course, the biggest mystery is when Google actually plans on announcing its 2021 flagships, which most believe should happen this month. The company seems to be riding the wave of interest and has published a short video clip for Japanese fans that, unfortunately, has nothing to say about that date.

It's not surprising to see the excitement and interest around the Pixel 6, which admittedly might be partly due to its distinctive design. Of course, there's also the all-new Tensor chip that everyone sees as Google's answer to Apple's A and M processors. How it will fare against the ruling Qualcomm Snapdragon, however, is one of the things that tech pundits are eagerly waiting to see.

While Google will most likely talk a lot about the technical merits of its Tensor silicon, especially when it comes to machine learning processing, it's taking a very different tone when trying to advertise the Pixel 6 to consumers. As with its first video ad, this Japanese clip focuses on how the Pixel 6 can truly be your smartphone, different from everyone else'.

Throughout most of the Pixel phones' history, Google primarily emphasized the "pure" Android experience, particularly features that revolved around Google Assistant and its myriad services. For the Pixel 6, however, it seems to be shining the spotlight on personalization and customization. Android 12 itself, as well as the new Material You language, is designed around themes, home screen widgets, and options that can make each Pixel 6 unique to an owner's personality or inclinations.

Unfortunately, the ad does nothing to satiate the hunger for specific details, particularly the date. An accidentally published article reveals that Google has a product launch event in early October that excludes the Pixel brand. That, in turn, fueled speculation that the Pixel 6 and Android 12 won't be appearing until near the end of the month.