Pixel 6 screenshot leak shows off under-display fingerprint reader

Many of us are awaiting the official reveal of the Pixel 6 line, but as we wait for that official confirmation to come down the pipeline, it seems that Google itself is leaking some details about the new phones. Hiroshi Lockheimer, who serves as VP of Android at Google, shared a screenshot taken from what appears to be one of the phones in the Pixel 6 lineup, and though the screenshot is fairly innocuous at first blush, there's actually a lot it can tell us about the phone upon closer inspection.

Of course, Lockheimer realized that was the case and quickly deleted the image from his Twitter account, but not before XDA Developers editor-in-chief, Mishaal Rahman, managed to snag a screenshot and post it to his own Twitter account. Rahman's tweet does a good job at pointing out the interesting aspects that aren't immediately obvious, but there's one feature that sticks out like a sore thumb (if you'll excuse the pun): the position of the fingerprint scanner.

We've had an inkling that the Pixel 6 line would be outfitted with an under-display fingerprint scanner, and Lockheimer's screenshot seems to confirm it. The fingerprint scanner takes up residence in the bottom third of the screen, right beneath the clock on the lock screen.

Other morsels worth noting include the resolution of Lockheimer's original image, which was 1440 x 3200. Rahman says this image resolution suggests that the device in question is actually a Pixel 6 Pro. The screenshot also shows us that the phone is connected to Verizon's 5G network.

So, if there was any question that the Pixel 6 lineup would have an under-display fingerprint reader, it looks like it can now be laid to rest. We still don't know when Google plans to reveal the Pixel 6 lineup, but we'll let you know when those details are announced.