Pixel 6 Pro camera samples look promising

JC Torres - Oct 4, 2021, 8:16pm CDT
Pixel 6 Pro camera samples look promising

Google just “launched” Android 12 in its AOSP (Android Open Source Project) form, suggesting that the Pixel 6 might not be that far behind. Of course, that could be anywhere between this week and the end of the month, as some of the rumors go. While waiting for that date, however, the rumors and leaks surrounding the Pixel 6 phones continue to trickle in, and the latest bits about the Pixel 6 Pro’s cameras could raise fans’ hopes for another laudable effort from Google.

M. Brandon Lee of This is Tech Today prefaces the leak with a huge disclaimer. The source taking the phones and videos is by no means a pro, and the Pixel 6 Pro used is a pre-production unit running pre-release software that may not be the final version that buyers will get their hands on. It is exactly because of these conditions, however, that the Pixel 6 Pro’s camera output looks even more impressive.

On a slightly technical level, the video reveals that the phone is capable of 0.7x, 1x, 2x, and 4x zoom in photo mode. In video mode, however, the options are limited only to 0.7x, 1x, and 4x. Curiously, switching to Portrait mode, a.k.a. bokeh simulation, the zoom defaults to 2.8x, but there is at least a 1x option available, too.

As for the actual output, the Pixel 6 Pro managed to pull off remarkable images and videos, despite the conditions above. The cameras were able to capture a great amount of detail and seemed to lean more towards realistic color reproduction rather than saturating scenes. There are some concerns about video stabilization, but, as mentioned, there are too many factors to judge the phone solely based on these samples.

All in all, it seems that Google could reclaim its fame in the mobile photography department if these early photos and videos are to be taken at face value. Even with what many might consider to be unimpressive hardware, Google’s algorithms seem to be able to compensate well enough to put the Pixel 6 Pro on par or even above the iPhone 13 Pro, at least according to Mr. Lee. That should be enough to get Pixel fans excited for the final product, which is hopefully just around the corner.

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