Pixel 6 price in Europe sounds encouraging, Pixel 6 Pro not so much

Although they were hoped to come earlier next month, it seems that Google will be pushing its Pixel device launch near the end of October. That has given tipsters and leakers some more time to complete the picture of the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro before that time. The two have admittedly been leaked over and over again, but one detail still remained in doubt. Now new information from Europe tries to put a price tag on the two phones, and they aren't as bad as feared, depending on which of the two you're talking about.

Debates about the Pixel 6's pricing strategy have emerged since Rich Osterloh teased that the Pixel 6 would be a premium-priced product. That is, of course, open to interpretation, and some have believed it would mean a starting price range of $900 to $1,100. Others, however, argued that Google would be killing the new phones if it didn't make them more affordable than the competition.

It would seem that Google may have come across a compromise between affordability and value perception. According to This is Tech Today's M. Brandon Lee, the European price for the Pixel 6 might be 649 EUR, while the Pixel 6 Pro might sell for 899 EUR. The Pixel 6 is only slightly more expensive than the Pixel 5 last year, despite the huge jump in specs.

That said, Mr. Lee speculates that the US pricing for these phones could translate to $799 and $1,099 for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, respectively. That's taking into consideration not only currency conversions but also the competition, pitting the Pixel 6 against the iPhone 13 and the Pixel 6 Pro against the iPhone 13 Pro Max. That also suggests Google is aiming for the extreme ends of Apple's four-strong iPhone lineup.

The price difference between the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro might also be a bit unusual, at least until you realize that the two are very different phones with only a few things in common. Either way, the prices are at least on par with rival flagship phones, and, this time, they might actually also be on the same footing in terms of performance and features, perhaps even more.