Pixel 6 Pixel Stand might come with fans and faster charging

Wireless charging may seem magical, but it doesn't come without its drawbacks. In addition to near-perfect placement, it also can't compete with wired charging speeds. Faster wireless charging requires greater power output which, in turn, produces more heat than your typical wired charger. Safeguards need to be in place to support faster wireless charging and, if this latest discovery comes to pass soon, the Pixel 6 will be accompanied by a faster Pixel Stand wireless charger that has exactly that.

It wasn't exactly surprising that Google would release its own wireless charger, which is dubbed, of course, the Pixel Stand. At the time of its launch back in 2018, it was one of the few wireless chargers to support 10W output and the only one that worked with Google's own Pixel devices. Although the Pixel Stand, or rather a Pixel phone when using the Pixel Stand, gained some features since then, the accessory itself hasn't seen any upgrade of its own.

The Pixel 6 might change that narrative and debut with a new Pixel Stand as well. Part of that may be due to the phone's allegedly unconventional design but mostly because it might need more juice at a faster rate. There were hints in the Android 12 previews and betas that such a new Pixel Stand would be coming, but until now, its actual output is still unknown.

9to5Google's analysis, however, suggests that it will at least be more powerful than the first Pixel Stand. The evidence is actually indirect and found in the probable existence of fans in the wireless chargers. The current Pixel Stand doesn't have any because it didn't need any at its 10W output. You would need fans, however, if you need to keep things safely cool despite pushing out more power.

The fans themselves are actually interesting because they can automatically adjust their speeds to reduce noise levels depending on the situation. If Google Assistant has been summoned, for example, it will reduce speed slightly so that the user's voice can be heard clearly. When recording with the Pixel phone while charging or during sleeping hours, it will go even slower and quieter.

Of course, the Pixel Stand's ability to charge faster would suggest that the Pixel 6 itself will be capable of faster wireless charging. Other than those indirect clues, however, it's not yet clear what the new Pixel Stand will look like or when it and the Pixel 6 will break cover.