Pixel 5a overheating and touchscreen bugs are already on Google's plate

In just a few weeks, Google is expected to finally launch what could be its most exciting Pixel phone yet. Before that happens, however, it is pretty much pushing its 2020 5G phones off the stage, leaving the Pixel 5a (5G) as the sole remnant of that past (the non-5G Pixel 4a is still around, curiously). That is well and good for those that aren't interested in the Pixel 6, but unfortunately, the mid-range 5G Pixel phone is apparently experiencing several problems that can hopefully be fixed with software updates.

Early in its lifetime, the Pixel 5a was already reported to be exhibiting overheating issues related to its otherwise capable camera. Although it doesn't seem to be consistent, several owners have reported and confirmed that the phone issues an overheating warning, mostly when recording at 4K 60fps and sometimes even with just 1080p at 30fps. Apparently, that problem might not be limited to the cameras only.

Android Central also notes several anecdotal experiences with the Pixel 5a (5G) overheating under various conditions. Those include taking a bunch of photos and short videos, some gaming, and even browsing Reddit. Phones getting warm under those circumstances are normal, but becoming very hot or triggering those warning notifications aren't.

Some note how similar the Pixel 5a is to the Pixel 5, both in specs and internal design. It is perhaps no coincidence, then, that the Pixel 5 has also been reported to generate more than the usual levels of heat while in use. That, unfortunately, could hint at more than just software issues but a design flaw.

Google is reportedly already looking into the matter, though it's uncertain whether it will declare it to be a bug or, just like the Pixel 5 "screen gap," declare it to be an intentional feature. The Pixel 5a is allegedly also exhibiting some ghost touches demonstrated above, though that one seems to be less widespread than the overheating cases.