Pixel 5a launch might actually happen in a few weeks

JC Torres - Jun 28, 2021, 10:44pm CDT
Pixel 5a launch might actually happen in a few weeks

There have been quite a number of notable Android phones launched in the past few months but, for some Android purists, nothing still beats a Google Pixel. The company’s direction has admittedly been a bit perplexing in the past year or two, and nothing exemplifies that more than the Pixel 5a. Google may actually still launch the phone just as it said, and, based on a new report, that might even happen in less than two months.

The Pixel 5a has had a rather colorful story so far, at least as far as unofficial sources go. The initial leaks pointed to a phone that didn’t differ that much from the Pixel 4a 5G, and not just in design. It would even have the same Snapdragon 765G, according to those rumors, making its reason for existing even more questionable.

And then there were the rumors that the Pixel 5a was canceled entirely, blaming it on the global chip shortage. Google refuted that speculation and said that the phone is still on track for a launch around the same time it did last year. That didn’t exactly give even a ballpark date, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is now setting the record straight. Unofficially, of course.

According to the journalist, Google has set aside August as its launch month for the Pixel 5a. This coincides with the launch of the Pixel 4a last year, which isn’t what the Pixel 5a resembles. Gurman says that it will be announced and launched in the same month, leaving room for a waiting period of a few days.

At this point, however, interest in the Pixel 5a may have all but evaporated. Pixel fans will be looking to the Pixel 6 instead, rumored to run on Google’s first own processor, codenamed “Whitechapel.” Very little new evidence points to the Pixel 5a as anything but a 2021 rehash of the Pixel 4a 5G, and there might be very little time left for that image to change.

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