Pixel 5 XL renders appear to add to the confusion

The Pixel 4a is still a no-show. The Pixel 5 is supposedly still at an early stage of design and development. Given that situation, it's not really surprising that uncorroborated rumors and leaks will be popping up left and right. While the fate of the Pixel 4a XL has mostly been sealed, a premium Pixel 5 XL is still expected to show up sometime later this year. Except it might not be premium in all things and some "features" included in these renders raises as many questions as the recent Pixel 5 renders.

That the Pixel 5 XL renders look exactly like the Pixel 5 renders isn't really surprising. Of course, it lives up to its XL name by being slightly wider than the Pixel 5. Comparing it to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, however, Pigtou claims that Google's largest phone will actually be shorter but also thicker, something that you don't often associate with premium phones.

And then there's the claim that the back of the phone will be made of plastic, something truly odd for a premium phone in the past two or three years. Especially when the Pixel 5 is believed to have glass on its back. Another odd difference is that the renders show a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top, something that has been absent in the Pixel 5 renders and practically all Pixel phones except the first and the Pixe 3a.

Despite the non-premium external, the leak claims that the Pixel 5 XL will at least use a Snapdragon 865, versus the Pixel 5's rumored Snapdragon 765. No word yet on the cameras yet though it seems to have the same set on the back as the Pixel 4 XL. And, yes, there's a fingerprint sensor there again, which only adds to the bewilderment.

Given that many sources claim that the Pixel 5 is still in flux, it's hard to be confident about these new images. If they are true, however, it would be a somewhat disappointing turn of events for what should be Android's premiere premium smartphone.