Pixel 5 might not be flagship material based on Google Camera app

Just like the Nexus phones before it, Google has positioned its self-made Pixel phones as the epitome of a Google Android mobile experience. Everything inside and out is made to Google's specifications and liking. Sometimes, Google's vision clashes with consumer expectations, especially when it comes to some hardware and design choices. Based on some very early clues, it seems that the Pixel 5 might be the biggest point of contention yet if its specs are to be considered.

Granted, the way 9to5Google arrived at that theory is a bit roundabout and starts with the Google Camera app for an alleged Pixel 4a prototype. That alone may raise some doubts but there is corroborating evidence as well. The app itself doesn't give any of those specs but reveals the Pixel 5's internal names: "photo_pixel_2020_config", "Bramble", and "Redfin".

Unfortunately, the latter two codenames might not be popular for those keeping tabs on Pixel rumors. At the beginning of this year, those two names were associated with devices running on Snapdragon 765G, Qualcomm's higher mid-range processor with built-in 5G and the variant that is geared more towards high-performance gaming.

That fact alone could already ruffle a few feathers that expect Google's Pixel phones to be the best in their class. It's possible that Google might have a few software tricks up its sleeve to prove that it can squeeze out as much performance from such level of hardware, somewhat similar to what Apple does. So far, Android, in general, has not exactly been notable in that context.

It's also possible that Google may be paving the way for an "Ultra" variant of the Pixel 5. That said, any hint of that phone's existence hasn't been spotted anywhere. We are still months early into and with potential delays caused by the COVID-19 virus, things can still change drastically.