Pixel 4’s latest leaks come with one disappointing news

JC Torres - Sep 15, 2019, 7:59pm CDT
Pixel 4’s latest leaks come with one disappointing news

Another day, another set of leaks for Google’s worst-kept secret of 2019. It’s probably for the best since fans will have an idea what they’re getting into before the day arrives. So far the leaks have been to everyone’s expectations, but that doesn’t mean there are no disappointing turns. In fact, even in this latest flood of new information, there is one small detail that makes the Pixel 4 look less competitive than this year’s late 2019 flagships.

The appearance of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is hardly any secret by now. Google even preempted those leaks by confirming that it will indeed be putting a square camera bump on its flagships this year. More than just renders, though, the past few days have been filled with leaks of actual functional units, most of them coming from Vietnam.

The Verge has been given yet another batch of live photos of the device showing off this year’s rendition of the black and white “Panda” design. Fans of that dual-tone theme might be disappointed to see a different spin on those colors. There’s also the top bezel that’s thicker than the bottom, giving it a rather unbalanced but look for the sake of more functionality.

These photos also reveal the specs of the phone, which is also no secret by now. In addition to the processors and cameras from the photos, XDA dives into the Google Camera app version 7.0 to see the capabilities the Pixel 4 will offer. That includes the earlier features like Audio Zoom as well as new AR-based ones like Measure Mode and a mysterious “McFly” Rewind Mode.

Moving to benchmarks, it seems that the Pixel 4 may have yet one more bad news for fans. In addition to just getting a Snapdragon 855, not the 855 Plus, it seems that Google’s flagships will be using a slightly older UFS 2.1 storage inside. The speed difference might not be night and day compared to UFS 3.0 but it does mean that the Pixel 4 will score lower in benchmarks compared to the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy phones.

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16 Responses to Pixel 4’s latest leaks come with one disappointing news

  1. Years have gone by, and Slashgear still can’t manage to proof read the title of articles. If my job was writing, I’d be pretty embarrassed to say the least. I know there’s time crunch to get articles out there, but it’s the title, it takes 5 seconds. Try “one disappointing bit of news” or simply “disappointing news.”

  2. Meh, I’ve never liked any phones that google has released. They always seem budget compared to the likes of Samsung and Huawei. Vanilla Android is so boring and feature less that I just can’t bring myself to own one. I did buy one once but two days later I returned it. It was horrific, it was like owning a feature phone from years ago and damn, they’re always so frigging ugly.

    • I’d like to know whats so much better about Samsung and Huawei? i have a pixel 2Xl and imo is much better than the two phones you mentioned. zero bloatware and has the best camera what else do you need?

      • Agreed. Best support, fastest updates, best cameras, new features and excellent performance are what you can expect from the Pixels. They are premium devices no doubt.

        I love my Note 9 as well, like the Pixels it also has several features/advantages that others lack. They’re both excellent imo, they’re just excellent for different reasons.

      • Huawei has got a better camera, longer lasting battery and features that Vanilla Android doesn’t have yet. Plus, Google phones are ugly as fuck. This is all personal preference of course. Each to their own and that kind of thing.

        • You can buy them online and you can check whether the phone carries the necessary bands for it to work over there. Pretty sure it does though. Other people in the US use their phones so it must work. Do some research though.

    • The most important thing about android phones is Android updates every month for 3 years. This is the most important thing about owning a Google phone and for me more important than anything that might be a bit better or different on say a Samsung phone, which has a poor security update record. I know I used to own one!

      • I must agree with you about Samsung, they’re shocking when it comes to updates but luckily Huawei has been fantastic in that regard and hence why I swapped from Samsung and went for Huawei.

    • Yeah, nobody is going to be happy until the technology for a camera hidden behind the screen goes mainstream (it already exists, just not cheap enough for even a high-end phone). Notch, cutout, bezel, everything we have right now is somehow ugly and the most important thing to care about on a phone… at least according to news outlets.

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