Pixel 4a release date change: Lower price, ideal launch

Today a leak tipped a changed date for a phone Google's not yet confirmed actually exists. The Google Pixel 4a, an essentials-only smartphone that'll likely act as the perfect jumping-off point for the Android 11 Beta launch – that's what's coming soon. The original assumed launch date (inside May, 2020), will now more likely be pushed to early June of 2020, right in time for the public Beta of Android 11.

Information shows a Vodaphone Germany document revealing a June 5, 2020 launch date for the Google Pixel 4a. The most likely situation here, given the launch time and date of the Google Pixel 3a, is that we'll see the Pixel 4a appear for the first time during Google's special streaming event. That's the Android 11-centric "The Beta Launch Show". That's set to take place on June 3, 2020.

Above you'll see the video that teases the launch of the public beta for Android 11. Notice the extremely obvious teaser at approximately 30 seconds into the video. "Let's hope that doesn't leak" it says, with a headline on a fictional newspaper called Tech Now that reads "A match made in 11!"

The Google Pixel 4a will likely sport a 5.81-inch OLED display with 2340 x 1080 pixels across its face. The back camera will likely be quite similar to that of the Google Pixel 4, but just singular, rather than as a set of two. The Google Pixel 4a's single camera will likely be 12.2-megapixels with autofocus.

The battery will likely be slightly larger on the Google Pixel 4a than it was on the Google Pixel 4 (non-xl) while the processor on the Google Pixel 4 will likely be slightly more powerful than that of the 4a. There'll be a headphone jack on the Google Pixel 4a, too, if we're extra lucky – and we do expect to be lucky in that regard. The price will also quite likely be lower than the 4 – by a couple hundred dollars, if history serves!